ITC hearing coverage part 2: Don’t harm the U.S. market to save a few companies

PV Magazine


There aren’t many surprises in the testimony against the trade remedies being discussed today. The core talking points by SEIA and its allies, which span the U.S. solar and power landscape, are essentially unchanged: that imposing significant tariffs, minimum prices and import restrictions on U.S. solar will significantly damage the market, as well as other U.S. solar manufacturing sectors.

The core of this argument is also unchanged from the injury hearing: that any trade remedies that increase prices will decrease solar deployment, in term causing a much larger number of layoffs than any jobs saved or created in U.S. manufacturing.

This point was made quite forcefully by Craig Cornelius of NRG Energy, who noted thatthe deployment of a single 100 MW solar project requires employing around 200 construction workers – the maximum amount of SolarWorld’s new hires by next May. Given that NRG has around 20 of such projects underway, the number of construction workers to be affected here is much greater.

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