Ignore the Siren Call of Protectionism

U.S. News & World Report


One of the most interesting phenomena of the Trump administration's first 11 months in office is the several 'strange bed-fellow' coalitions which have sprung up in response to different regulatory proposals.

The most high-profile example to-date relates to the Department of Energy's directive to subsidize the cost of aging, uncompetitive coal and nuclear plants, which I wrote about recently and which has now generated more than 1,500 public comments, as everyone from online retailers to ice cream companies have condemned the idea. A response from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is due by Jan. 10.

Less visible but equally significant is a case that is also approaching its end-game. And once again it has united the left and right in opposition, as liberals, conservatives, free-market champions and renewable energy advocates have come together to warn President Trump against a potentially disastrous decision.

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