Letter beseeches the U.S. ITC: Please don’t destroy our businesses

PV Magazine


The list of signatories to yesterday’s letter to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) Secretary asking for the prompt dismissal of the Suniva/SolarWorld Section 201 trade petition reads like a Solar Power International list of mounting manufacturers.

PanelClawIronRidgeSchletterUniracEcolibrium SolarGamechange Solar. And the list goes on (see below).

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In all, 27 mounting companies wrote an impassioned letter to Secretary Lisa Barton imploring her to reject the two module manufacturers’ request for relief from foreign competition under the previously obscure Section 201 clause in a 1974 trade law. They said the effect of a finding in favor of the plaintiffs could jeopardize the workers they employ which, they argue in the letter, are more than 10-times the number of people that the combined petitioners employ.

“Our companies and our domestic suppliers below support more than 5,700 manufacturing workers across the United States manufacturing the mounting equipment that literally holds solar energy systems together,” the letter says. “In contrast, Suniva and SolarWorld combined currently employ fewer than 500 workers and falling.”

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