Here's how trade protectionism can destroy American manufacturing jobs

Washington Examiner


I recently had the pleasure of testifying in front of the International Trade Commission in defense of free trade, the American consumers, and all American workers. The numerous benefits of free trade have helped producers establish more efficient supply chains that lead to the creation of jobs not just in the 5th District of South Carolina, but all over America. Access to cheaper parts and products from abroad and at home provides necessary and robust competition for a healthy economy.

For instance, Samsung recently announced plans to invest $380 million in a washer and microwave manufacturing facility in Newberry County, scheduled to open in early 2018. The decision to open in Newberry came because this Korean company realized how much money can be saved this way overproducing certain parts overseas.

By 2020, this plant is expected to bring 954 jobs to our communities and greatly boost our local economy. In fact, Samsung is expected to become the second-largest employer in all of Newberry County.

In my testimony to the ITC, I opposed trade remedies petitioned by Whirlpool against companies such as Samsung and LG. Whirlpool alleges that by importing products and parts from other countries, where they can be produced at a lower cost, Samsung is harming U.S. manufacturers and companies. The petition, commonly known as a "safeguards case," was filed using Section 201 of the International Trade Act of 1974.

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