Trump Should Reject The Protectionist Attack On Solar Energy

Investor's Business Daily


Right before the election last year, I did something stupid with my money.

Assuming Hillary Clinton would win, I invested in an inverse S&P fund. I was expecting that the market would contract the week after a Clinton victory and that I could make a few quick bucks.

Not my worst investment decision but certainly one of them … If I were feeling particularly nationalistic, I'd say I bet against America and I lost.

The last year has been the mother of all stock market rallies. Last week, the headline was that the stock market had "set a record for setting records." In 2017, the Dow has had 70 trading days that ended on record closes, while the NASDAQ had 72. The S&P has had only 62 record closings (not quite a record, but close). In the 12 months since Trump's victory, the market created $5.4 trillion in new wealth.

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