The Energy Trade Action Coalition is a group of companies, associations and organizations dedicated to fighting the Section 201 trade petition on imported solar components. Filed by two heavily indebted solar companies, the trade petition would impose prohibitive tariffs and an unrealistic “floor price” on solar cells and modules — doubling the price for the basic ingredients of the solar industry.

The effect of this petition on the $23 billion U.S. solar industry, which employs 260,000 American workers in good-paying jobs including manufacturers, is unmistakable. It would decimate one of America’s most promising high-tech growth industries. 

The Energy Trade Action Coalition is fighting this unjustified use of U.S. trade law, advocating on behalf of the many industries, their hundreds of thousands of workers, and the millions of consumers who would be negatively impacted by the action of two indebted companies. The Coalition will actively engage with the Administration, Congress and the media to educate them on the importance of maintaining access to globally priced products.


The Coalition embraces the following four key principles:

  1. Access to freely and fairly traded products supports American energy industry competitiveness.
  2. The solar industry and industries related to solar energy are creating and sustaining hundreds of thousands of good-paying American jobs throughout the U.S.
  3. Maintaining a diverse and affordable energy portfolio benefits the U.S. economy and all American citizens.
  4. Advancing new technologies and innovation enhances our country’s competitiveness and energy security.